A Christian can learn a thing or two…..from a Broski?

“Woo woo woo you know it” “areyouseriousbro?” Wrestling fan or not chances are you’ve came across these phrases through word of mouth or on twitter. They are sayings by a wrestler by the name of Zack Ryder. For those of you not into wrestling Zack Ryder have become one of the heavy hitters in the wrestling biz, selling tons of merchandise and becoming a house hold name for viewers of WWE. But see it wasn’t always like that, this time last year he was a nobody. He was rarely on tv and when he was, he was being used as a jobber ( wrestling term for the guys paid to basically lose every match). And then came the day when in Ryder’s words he was going nowhere and decided that if no one else wanted to support him he’d do it himself, with nothing to loose ryder began his own youtube series “Z true long island story” a series where he (in character) told of his life and went so far as to openly criticize the WWE for their handling of him. Week after week went by until Zack started getting a little tv time, then some merchandise, then mentions from the A-rate wrestlers during their interviews. Which has lead up to the success I mentioned earlier. Now for those wondering why I’ve posted this it’s because I believe Zack’s attitude is something Christians could use.

1.Standing up- Christians have fallen into this mindset to be silent of there’s even a chance that there could be opposition. We play the role of a victim, constantly thinking of how we were offended or how things didn’t go as planned where as the opposition should fuel us to be louder!

2.Using your talents- God’s given everyone a talent and He wants us to use it (Romans 12:6)! Some can perform skits and dramas like you wouldn’t believe, where as others are incredible in blogging and some have a talent to comfort those hurting. To me we spend more time figuring how to serve God instead of actually serving Him mainly because we play off our talent as nothing, but it is! So get to using your talent.

3 Looking foolish- This happens to ALOT of Christian teenagers especially, we are more concerned with looking cool than living for God. But look through history, who’s remebered for being normal? The Bible in fact tells us not to be (2 Corinthians 5:13). God has called us to be seperate and even weird! If we look and act like the rest of the world how will the world ever see the difference in us?

If a guy with a “broski” character can rise to the top, can we, with an Almighty God rise? Woo woo woo you know it!


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