Being Content

I was just listening to one of my favorite bands mewithoutYou (for half of you, your interest has been peeked, for the other half they have left the blog) and I came across some awesome lyrics “After years with a crown on my head/I’ve grown overfed, unconcerned and comfortably numb/Kept busy indulging in the pleasures of the wealthy/Oh someone make me afraid of what I’ve become”. Now this isn’t Aaron (the lead singer) ranting of being a millionaire, he uses “rich” even in the context of what in America we consider to be the norm. As a 20 year old college kid I see myself as a poster child to being un-content when in reality I am very well off. Here are a couple examples.

1. Gas prices- As a college kid $40 a week to fill up my car isn’t the most fun thing in the world, but in retrospect do I have a right to rant about it and feel sorry? Some would say yes, but to me shouldn’t I be happy that I HAVE a car to put gas in? When there are people who walk miles a day due to lack of tranportation then all of a sudden gas prices do not severely depress me.

2. Food service- Poor service is one of the biggest irritations of American living. When I go to a restaraunt I want my food FAST,GOOD, and CHEAP! I could not tell you how many times I have sat in disgust over the price, speed, and quality of the food. One of the worst is when all three are combined (“I told you to hurry up with my $8 chicken wrap and why did you put ranch on it?!”). But through the midst I forget that there are people who would wait hours for a guaranteed meal, there are people who would gladly eat the food we throw away because we think it’s horrible.

Now I do not mean the above to excuse price gouching on gasoline nor that a server has the right to treat us terribly, however next time we are faced with one of these situations, instead of turning directly to anger or sadness perhaps we should count our blessings.


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