Recently I was listening to a secular song and was surprised at how much I agreed with it reguarding Christians. It was bashing Christians for their actions, however where as they bashed Christians blaming them for everything wrong and calling on them to stop, I on the other hand saw another solution. On facebook I post reguarly about Christians being responsible for the current state we are in, is it because I think Christianity is a lie? No. Is it because livng a life without Christianity is fun or rewarding? Negative. I post to motivate Christians, for them to see just how much they can do and what a difference they could make. As a Christian I look at stories in the Bible of God’s leading and I see the joy He brought to those who faithfully followed Him. Now you may ask “well could Christians really change the world today?” and to that I say YES! News flash God hasn’t lost any power nor has He lost His desire to do great things through us. It is said often (sorry for the cliche) but we could change the world easily! The problem isn’t the world not following Christians, it’s Christians not following Christ. Because contrary to popular belief following Christ isn’t a commitment that endorses anything less than 100% and once you’ve realized that nothing and no one can stand in your way.

If God is for us, who can be against us?- Romans 8:31


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