Tomorrow Never Comes

“If you gotta start sometime why not now”

I love that line from tobymac’s “City on our Knees” it’s such a simple question yet so hard to answer. We’re constantly wanting to make a difference yet many don’t. Is it because they don’t love God? No. Is it because their philosophy is wrong? Not neccessarily. It generally boils down to simply putting it off day after day.

All the time we talk about what it could be like in 1, 5, or 10 years without realizing it could be, right now! If we keep putting it off till tomorrow then it will never happen because friend, tomorrow never comes. TODAY is when the change needs to be made. TODAY is when you have to throw away those comfort zones and dive into making the world a different place. But however when we get all excited about making this change satan reminds us of all that garbage in our life and gives us a long list of reasons as to why there is no way God could ever use us or satan feeds our doubt and makes us focus on how big our problems are. And I wanna make it clear, there is no problem, no problem bigger than God! Now I’m not blind to what’s around I could name hundreds of things that make the world dark, but while I know that there are many strong sinful, evil things, I know fully that God is bigger than them all put together! So with God on your side, why is there any reason to fear what’s in front?

NOW is the time that we need to let faith eclipse fear, TODAY is when we need to come togehter instead of picking out every single difference, and YOU is where it all begins!


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