Lessons I Learned from the Office

As I write this the series finale of The Office has just aired. The Office was an incredible show, whether it was portraying the struggles people face, making us literally laugh out loud, or giving us characters we couldn’t help but fall in love with. For me the Office meant a lot. It made me think about the decisions we make in life, it showed me to never give up on dreams, it taught me to never cross Creed Bratton and so much more! I probably could go on for hours, on all the things the Office helped me with, but there are a few that really stuck out to me.

First is to follow my dreams. The series showed so many people chasing their dreams and either succeeding like Michael Scott finally having a wife and kids or failing miserably such as the case with Andy’s music career, but no matter the outcome what was important was that they tried. To me it speaks so many volumes that the show would portray that ultimately not trying to reach your goals was the true failure, not trying and failing, but not even trying. As a 20 yr old that’s something I want to take to heart. That at the end of the day “What if’s” sting so much more than “well I tried”.

Secondly is to not give up on love. Now before I start I will admit that although I love Ryan and Kelly, they aren’t the best example of what I’m saying. The couple that comes to mind is Jim and Pam (insert “awww”’s). Through thick and thin they remained faithful, their relationship was far from perfect, but when the storms came they faced them head on. Not only in marriage, but even before their engagement they always knew love would find a way. To me it’s the kind of relationship I want. No malice, no constant “one-upping”, not a relationship where I’m with the first girl that showed interest, not a marriage where I just settle, but a relationship and marriage that no matter what, I know it’s going to be alright and that I’m with the person I absolutely love most.

Thirdly never lose hope. I remember the episodes in season one there’s a lot of talk of bankruptcy and in season six there’s talk again, but Michael never gives up. Holding onto hope was a recurring theme in the series and I could go into each character and tell their situation of remaining hopeful, whether it was serious or silly as in Stanley’s case he just wanted to be in Florida. In a world that embraces apathy sadly so well it was awesome seeing characters have hope in their situation.

And lastly, everyone deserves a chance. No matter their problems, people deserve a chance and they might just surprise you. Despite all his gimmicks, his fictional characters, his childishness, Michael Scott at the end of the day had a branch that when all others were closing, his was remaining successful, after years of just being in the warehouse Darryl became warehouse supervisor, then went on to become a big shot at Athlead. It showed me that everyone has potential and to not write them off just because I don’t see it right off the bat.
There’s no doubt that the Office will be the show I ramble about when I have kids, much like my dad does with Alf and my mom does with Friends. It was an awesome show and deffinately one of the greatest of all time.


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