Don’t Pass Them By

Everyday we hear the sad stories of teens, whether the person has gotten into drugs, crime, abuse or even taken his life and what is the picture seen often? It’s somone who was alone and felt unloved and the sad part is, alot of them had reached out. They had reached out to their church, friends, even a stranger, just hoping somone would show them some love and what happened? Well we should be good at answering that question, because we’ve all acted the answers, such as “I was too busy” , “they seemed too weird” or “well I didn’t wanna look weird”. And somehow we’ve made these into legitimate reasons to make ourselves feel better when in reality they shouldn’t! We should be showing so much love that the person never even considers harming themself or others, instead of bottling up all the love inside hoping we don’t look like some weirdo.

One of my best friends takes this deeply into her heart, whenever there’s somone new in her school or church she is the first over there to make them feel welcomed. Has she been picked on for this? Absolutely! Has her friends somtimes excluded her because she does this? You bet cha! But she understands that looking cool to the world means absolutely nothing! And this lets her know inside that she is trying to make in impact! So next time you see somone looking down or alone at school or church, don’t pass them by, stop and take a second to start a convo or at the very least a simple “Hello” cause you never know how much of an effect one act of love can have!

The following is a poem in the viewpoint of somone that never got that random act of love.

I try to reach out but no one will hear me
I try to find help but no one will help me
So now I sit drained and depressed
make shift a smile yeah I try my best
I wish I could erase the path
to the place I am now at
cause see it didn’t happen suddenly
actually I arrived here slowly
I shoulda reached out for help earlier
but man,life just kept gettin blurrier
and I made the pain subside
by making my emotions slowly die
cause having a life very painful
is worse, than being un-emotional
but now don’t get me wrong
for a while I was very strong
well atleast I pretended to be
so that others would see
but some, some saw past the charade
and wanted to sincerely be my aid
they planned and planned a strategy
just to come and comfort and help me
but their friends, teased em mockingly
and they gave up sadly…..
ya know for a minute, just one minute
I believed they’d be different
different in the fact that they’d dare
reach out and show that they cared
but people have the authority
to set their priorities
and helpin somone feelin alone
just wasn’t one
Hope he enjoys his decision
of leaving me there broken


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