Running the Race

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.-2 Timothy 4:7

We’re all running the race, the race of life. Now if any of you watch NASCAR like me you can relate life to a NASCAR race. In life there is only one correct path, Dale Jr can decide to go backwards or swerve to the left but if it’s not the right path it wont do him any good. Just as we have a set path to go in (Matthew 7:13) we can choose “our idea” or “our way” but it’s not gonna get us to the right destination.

Secondly if and when you get off the track it doesn’t help to let it keep you constantly concerned. If a driver hits the wall on lap 5 and lets it dictate him the rest of the race he’s doomed to finish poorly because he doesn’t have the drive to go all out. In our Christian walk we gotta remember our past can’t hold us back or make us feel as if we aren’t good enough to do great things. We need to remember God can use anyone, whether tall or short, brilliant or not when God’s on your side no one against you is bigger.

Lastly and to me the biggest thing is like in NASCAR you never know when your race will be over. It use to get me bigtime and still does, that I could live another 100 years (and still have these dashing looks), live 40 more years, or I could be gone tomorrow. I could let it cripple me but I don’t, I let it drive me. Drive me to be the best person and Christian I can be, drive me to always love so that people will know for sure I loved them, drive me to live everyday like it’d be my last time here. When you look back Dale Sr never knew on Feb 18, 2001 he’d race his last race yet he raced it like any other race giving his 110%, his all! No man is promised tomorrow, don’t you wanna go out while going all out?

The wonderful thing it’s fully in your hands, you have full control of how you run your life! It’s all up to you to decide which direction you wanna go and end up.So you have to ask yourself, what are you going to do?….


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