My High School Experience

May 22, 2013 marked the closing chapter of a book called Livingston Christian Academy. After fifteen years of offering Christian based education the doors closed for good. As the first and only graduate of the school I had a first hand experience of the school, from the good to the bad, the days that I came home proud to be an LCA Knight, and the days I came home hoping, wishing I was at another school. At the end of the day though, the bad memories don’t hold a candle to the good times. Because of the school I reached new heights as a person, student, as a Christian, and as a friend. As I reflect on LCA a few things pop into my mind.

First are the people I met. LCA directly led me to meet some incredible people, Mrs Ronda my principal, Mrs Elizabeth Bennett my mentor and former teacher, Logan Bennett her husband and my mentor, and so many more faculty and teachers I had the pleasure of meeting throughout the years. As far as friends I got to meet some of the coolest people ever, including the always bubbly Kara Peele, the always mysterious Sarah-Marie, the enigma Zenas, the very cool Meghan Gleaton and a host of others. Indirectly I was led to my current church, Providence Baptist Church which led me to AMAZING people, Keith, Ashby, Matt, Sami, Elizabeth, Hailey, Caleb, Tyler, Tyson, Justin, and so many more. I honestly could spend pages naming the amazing people I’ve met for the sake of this blog staying interesting, I will move on.

For those who hear my story of High School they are always taken back. We didn’t have a football, baseball or any sports team, our school consisted of trailers in a field, we didn’t own a single state championship in anything, we barely had a swing set. We didn’t have a prom, didn’t have a May day, didn’t have a tri-q. People hear this and tell me I missed out, that I’m not going to have High School stories to tell my kids, but to be honest I don’t think I’m the one that missed out. I went to a school that gave me a platform for my faith. In this world Christians and atheists alike look at God and say “Well those stories in the Bible are cool, but lets be reasonable” as a young Christian I’m taught to trust God, unless the situation is true or important, then I need to go with the safe or proven way. I don’t know about you, but doesn’t it seem very stupid to believe in a God that’s not all powerful? If you truly don’t believe in His power then why put on a show? See for me I KNOW how powerful He is. I saw days when the school was a week from closing due to insufficient funds only to receive a check from a stranger in Michigan for $6,000. I saw a true life fairytale with Liz and Logan (too incredible of a story to explain mid-blog, hopefully I can post it one day), and finally the last story that came out of LCA. A year ago Mrs. Ronda was faced with a tough decision, she was $10,000 in debt and needed to pay it off, she had $8,000 owed to her by parents of students past and present from the school, but that was where the tough decision was. Through prayer she had been told to forgive the debt, she questioned it night and day though, asking “why would You do this? The money is there” but after more prayer she finally gave in and forgave all of the debt. A year later she has paid off all but $1,000 of the debt through random donations and good management of funds.

Although LCA is no longer in business, it is by no means dead. The friendships made there will still live, the memories made will last a lifetime, the testimonies will always remain. The lives touched will always be a reminder of the mission LCA had. What mission was that? To mold a different kind of generation, one with faith, hope, ambition, and love. Faith to trust God in sunshine and storm. Hope, that no matter how bad life gets us down, we have a Savior Who is behind us and there for us. Ambition, that the sky is not the limit, but only the beginning, that there’s no excuse for us to not change the world and follow our dreams. And Love, love for our God, but also a love that sees the good in humans, that cares for them, that wants the best for them. Basically a generation that is so bizarre, so crazy that people see a difference in us, that difference being God.


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