If a Tree Falls in the Woods…

and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? It’s an age old debate, with great points on both sides. The main argument boils down to “How can it make a noise if no one is there to hear it?”. It’s a pretty sound argument at first, think about it, there’s not people paying attention, word of the tree falling probably wont reach many people and even if it does, it will probably take a good while to reach those who do hear about it. However once you take time to truly consider it, you realize the answer is not hard. It doesn’t matter if there’s  people around or not, the tree fell AND made a noise. The fact that no one heard it, doesn’t take away the fact that it did happen.


This mindset parallels Christian living very well. Time and time again the Bible tells us we’re called to help others, the message of serving others literally came out of Jesus’ lips multiple times! But how often do we follow through? If we’re honest, we miss out on opportunities daily. Why? Personally I think a huge reason is because we want actions that cause a huge ripple affect and yield results immediately instead of small random acts .We see great acts of serving, such as a mission trip to a third world country or donating $10,000 to a charity as awesome things (which they are) but then we see other actions and write them off as worthless. We pass up complimenting our waiter/waitress when they look sad, we see a donation box and walk by it because we think the $5 in our pocket wont do them any real good. We lose the simple truth that it’s the pure heart acting to be the hands and feet of Christ that matters, not how grand the scale of what we did is. It doesn’t matter if you change the world or change someone’s world, if a million people see or no one sees, don’t pass up an opportunity to make a difference, even the smallest act, can change a life forever.


One thought on “If a Tree Falls in the Woods…

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