Just Go With It

is what some Christians leaders spend a lot of time telling both new believers and non-believers. Generally it’s on a hot button issue such as gay marriage, alcohol, Christian rock..etc, the problem isn’t whether the theology is flawed, as much as it is they offer no proof, that backs up their opinion as being Christ’s opinion. A college professor of mine Dr. Pearson once said “It doesn’t matter what you believe, if you can’t argue it then you might as well not believe it at all” and that’s the truth, if you can’t debate your case or have a healthy discussion about it, why even believe it? If you can’t discuss or debate it then you should take a long look at why you believe it. Is it because you know it’s wrong, but you choose to promote the belief anyway? Is it because the person that told you about it didn’t have solid points, but you thought it “sounded right”? If it’s a cause that’s close to your heart, why can’t you simply prove why it’s right and why it matters? Because when we choose to advocate a particular side of a debate and offer little to no reason why that side is right we not only lose credibility with non-believers, who laugh at the fact that our argument comes across as shallow, but we also hurt the witnessing and apologetic ability of other Christians. These Christians will be brought up in church or mentored by someone who may actually tell them the truth and send them into the world with the truth, but once they get into the real world and someone asks “Why?” they’ll freeze up, because instead of being able to have a discussion with the person they’ll simply stick to their points, or worse they’ll see their faith as a joke with no real evidence as to why it’s right.

So always remember to have points and reasons that prove your point and if you can’t even convince yourself then don’t try to convince others and most importantly make your sure your opinions are a reflection of Christ’s opinion, don’t use Scripture to prove YOUR point, but to prove God’s.