“How about 3 weeks instead?”

was what I was thinking after Jonathan Falco had just suggested something that sounded ridiculous to me, his suggestion? “How about you take a year off from dating?”. I had just broken up with my girlfriend after realizing me and her were not following God with our relationship. I knew I needed a break from dating, to get my relationship with God back on track, since half the reason my recent relationship had ended, fell squarely on my shoulders, as a result of me not following God like I should have. But a year-long break? It sounded CRAZY! A year? that’s 365 days, 8,760 hours, 525,600 minutes without a date, without a random kind letter, without being called a pet name (not that I um enjoy that or uh anything)!! I mean a week without dating? Piece of cake, even a month without dating would be very simple, but a year? Making the conscience decision to not pursue a relationship for a year?

After talking with Jonathan I knew I needed sometime to focus solely on God and to eliminate anything that could be a distraction and although the “no dating for a year” thing still sounded ridiculous I figured a month would be good, it was long but not tooo long. Well that month turned into two months, then to three, four, five, till all of a sudden I realized it was the middle of August and I was still single! At first it was very surprising, but in time I started to see the beauty of it. After eight months I saw a difference across the board in my life, in the songs I was writing, my quiet times with God, relationships with people. Gone was the pessimism I had been living in and gone was the thought that “I NEED a girlfriend”.

Now to clarify a few things, I’m not saying everyone HAS to take a year off from dating, nor am I saying that relationships are evil things and that they are all bad. What I am saying though, is make sure that you’re first priority in your love life, is with God. No guy, girl, acquaintance, or friend will ever come close to being as awesome as He is and their love, even at it’s best, will always pail sooooo much in comparison with His love. Secondly make sure you’re getting in the relationship for the right reasons. Even though Christians focus a lot of attention on not dating for un-pure sexual purposes, the same can be said for dating because “everyone else is dating”, or “I’m 20 and I’ve never dated”, or “well everyone says we should be dating..”, none of those reasons are valid reasons to date someone. Remember, that having thirty ex’s may sound cool to our friends or to our future children, but in reality that number shows that there’s at least 30 hearts that were hurt in some way.


Let’s try this again

was my mindset going into sophomore year  of college. If you follow me on twitter, or you’re my friend on facebook then chances are you’ve seen one or two (ehh perhaps that’s being a little too conservative) not so nice posts about my college. To say my freshman year was a disaster would be an understatement. From a bad college atmosphere, to difficult assignments,  even being called an idiot for “not being realistic” to even life outside of college which included breaking up with a girl that I had literally spent a decade, trying to persuade to go out with me. So with all of that said I really wasn’t in a mood of “Life is awesome!!”. To be honest I had grown very cynical towards the school, I saw it as no more than a joke, I saw it as a place that said “If you have the right image then sweet, and if you don’t then hey at least Jesus still loves you.” I saw it as a place that I didn’t want to be. Was I justified? For a year I believed so, but eventually I realized how wrong I was. Now to be clear I’m not saying my school is perfect, to say that would be very careless and I’d be endorsing a lot of things I don’t agree with, however with that said what I’m saying is my handling of the situation is where I went wrong. Galatians 6:1 says “Brothers and sisters, if someone is caught in a sin, you who live by the Spirit should restore that person gently. But watch yourselves, or you also may be tempted.” When I look in hindsight that verse stings a lot, for two reasons. First, I was anything but gentle when dealing with the problems I saw. Secondly, it doesn’t matter how hypocritical someone is being in their walk with Christ, the moment I act in an angry spirit to correct them, I’m not pleasing Christ anymore than they are.

How This All Started: The Short Version

This is an awesome opportunity to help out a very cool person!

An Unusual Senior Trip

So, I’m moving to Nicaragua.

OK, maybe I’m not exactly moving there, but I’m going to be staying there for around two months. I’ll be leaving in January and coming home sometime in March. We still haven’t worked out the details. Here’s how this happened.

Once upon a time, there was a church camp called Palmetto Bible Camp. In the year of 2013, many kids and adults attended PBC. I was just one. All my life I’ve wanted to do mission work. This year, I was presented with the opportunity, and (based on an encouraging message on the back of an off-brand bag of Cheetos), I decided to take it .

Off Brand Cheetos

Tommy and Becky Brown are two people who have been around me for my entire life. A few years ago, they were called to Nicaragua as missionaries and have been there ever since. Their ministry is going strong and…

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