How This All Started: The Short Version

This is an awesome opportunity to help out a very cool person!

An Unusual Senior Trip

So, I’m moving to Nicaragua.

OK, maybe I’m not exactly moving there, but I’m going to be staying there for around two months. I’ll be leaving in January and coming home sometime in March. We still haven’t worked out the details. Here’s how this happened.

Once upon a time, there was a church camp called Palmetto Bible Camp. In the year of 2013, many kids and adults attended PBC. I was just one. All my life I’ve wanted to do mission work. This year, I was presented with the opportunity, and (based on an encouraging message on the back of an off-brand bag of Cheetos), I decided to take it .

Off Brand Cheetos

Tommy and Becky Brown are two people who have been around me for my entire life. A few years ago, they were called to Nicaragua as missionaries and have been there ever since. Their ministry is going strong and…

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