1 minute blog- College Degrees

I think it’s foolish to see a college degree as a vehicle for money or to promote ourselves. In my opinion, a college degree should be viewed as a vehicle to help others. If we chased after careers and positions that could help others most efficiently instead of only ourselves, what a difference we could make! We could improve the lives of soo many people around us and have our lives improved as well. Our society teaches a “Look out for yourself” mentality, which to a degree is correct, we can’t neglect our physical needs (didn’t say wants) or our spiritual needs, but what is a life lived only for ourselves? What is living live only to put food on the table for OUR family? What is a life lived only to see OURSELVES advance? What is a life lived worshipping God by OURSELVES, while billions are lost? It is a tragedy, plain and simple!
When it’s all said and done, do you really want to leave this world knowing your life was lived, just for yourself?


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