My Favorite Albums/Songs of 2013

Albums (New, Full Length albums)

1. Kings and Queens by Audio Adrenaline

2.  You Belong Here by Leagues

3. Need You Now by Plumb

4. Inland by Jars of Clay

5. Melophobia by Cage the Elephant

6. Love Found Me by VOTA

7.  The Becoming by Jenny Simmons

8.  Inheritance by The Last Bison

9 . Wheelhouse by Brad Paisely

10. Restart by Newsboys



1. “Fire Never Sleeps” by Audio Adrenaline/ “You+ Me+ the Radio” by Abandon Kansas

2. “ Hope” Superchick

3. “Youth Group” by Flynn Adam feat Joey the Jerk

4. “Spotlight” by Leagues

5. “Speak Life” Ryan Stevenson

6. ”Marching Around Me” by Abandon Kansas

7. “Come a Little Closer” Cage the Elephant

8. “Four Fires” mewithoutYou

9. “Winning Me Over” Copperlilly

10. “Loneliness and Alcohol” by Jars of Clay/ “Switzerland” the Last Bison


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