One Minute Blogs-The Gift of Thankfulness

One of the things that attending college has taught me is how blessed I am. That statement is not backed by an impressive bank account, it’s not backed by having millions of adoring fans, it’s simply backed by thousands of little things. Little things such as plumbing, health, clean water, friends, a caring family and etc… things that are taken for granted by our society, a society that views the “1%” as evil, yet fails to realize that compared to the rest of the world, many of those people are close to being in the “1%”. When it comes down to it, thankfulness is not a destination made of things, but rather by choosing thankfulness. For me it even means even being thankful for the hardships and the not so good times I’ve had in my life. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that we should view bad things that happen to us untruthfully or ignorantly, but rather we should view them as things that can help to define us and help us. Because being thankful is all about viewing things, as the blessings they are.


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