“Mary Catherine”

I’ve gotten good responses from this song so I figured I’d post it online. Basically it’s just about a guy telling a girl his idea of what their relationship would look like if the girl just said “yes”. Enjoy!


“Mary Catherine”

Mary Catherine
with your beautiful grin
oh how I’d like to be
your one and only
Mary Catherine
who’s beauty never ends
will you be mine
till the end of time
we’ll be young and free
living all happily
where the picket fences are
underneath a sky of stars
or maybe build a cabin
warm, cozy, and wooden
on a moonlit lake
for just you and me babe
but no matter where we go
we’ll make that house a home
we’ll be every good cliché
growin’ closer everyday
each and every year
you and I my dear
we’ll never shut our eyes to sleep
with our hearts not at peace
we’ll talk it out
and we’ll work it out
we’ll treat this like the gift from God it is
and we’ll show the world how beautiful His love is

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