“Ehh how about you just shut up, do you think that is possible?”

is the feeling I sense from some people that I talk to, and I especially sensed it growing up. Growing up I was the kid who always had a question to ask, I do not doubt that I was the cause of more than one schoolteacher’s migraine (if one of you happen to be reading this, then I sincerely apologize). It wasn’t that I was trying to be annoying, I was just really curios. It was never enough to have someone just tell me something, I wanted to know “why?”, why I was being told this, why I should accept it, and why the person believed what they were saying, especially when it came to religious things. When I asked, sometimes the answer I received was kind and was informative, others times the answer wasn’t kind, it didn’t answer my question, and sort of made me feel stupid for even asking. And as a 21 year old, many things have changed, yet that isn’t one of them.

I don’t believe it can be pin pointed to one sole reason, that people do not like their opinions to be questioned, especially when it comes to their faith. I think a few stand out though

  • They’re giving you the response that they were given.
  • They’ve never really thought about it
  • They know their opinion is wrong
  • They’re offended that you’d even question them

None of those are good. The first one just shows a vicious cycle, someone responds sarcastically/ hatefully/pridefully to someone who will do the same to the next person, and so on. The second one is ignorance and laziness. It sounded nice enough to them, for them to believe it, so why can’t you just believe it. The third and fourth come from selfishness and pride, they’re either gaining from said belief and they don’t enjoy you making them feel bad or knowing, or they can’t believe that you’d think you know better than they do. All of these do nothing to help the cause that they’re fighting for.

Personally I find it funny how the church deals with different topics. There’s many subjects the church is quick to develop a dialogue on,but others not so much. When it comes to gay marriage churches either are quick to throw out the Bible verses that are against it, or quick to condemn it, but when either position is questioned, both sides look at the person inquiring and sort of ask “How about you just go along with what we’re saying”. The same goes for alcohol. Many churches are quick to condemn any consumption of alcohol, while others are just as quick to say drunkenness is the sin and not drinking alcohol itself and once either position is questioned, yep you guessed it. And the same goes for many other topics.

I believe this is very harmful, as a young christian it seems like a lot of times I’m being given an opinion, but no reason or evidence to support it and when it’s questioned, I am the one who is wrong (I’d ask them why, but that’d just lead to more why’s). And this wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for the whole part of having to defend my beliefs to others. A college professor of mine, Dr. Pearson once said “It doesn’t matter what you believe, if you can’t defend it, your belief is worthless” and I agree. It doesn’t matter what my opinion on gay marriage, alcohol, evil, abortion, or even my opinion on God Himself is, if I can’t defend them, what good do they do in the grand scheme of things?

The solution is the church equipping believers with proofs, instead of just catchy phrases or ideas that easily gel with believers. And as believers it’s our job to know what we believe and why we believe it and to be patient with those who question us. Whether we are being questioned by someone who sincerely is curios, or being questioned by someone who just wants to make us look bad, our testimony is still on display.


“I’m Tired” (Song)

“I’m Tired” is basically a song written out of honesty. Whether we want to admit it or not, I think all christians struggle with their faith at times. The speaker in the song is contemplating his faith and at first he questions if God really has kept His promises and admits that he’s struggling, but then he realizes that perhaps his perception is wrong. Slowly he starts to realize he’s sitting their questioning God, but what has he himself done to be the hands and feet of God? Then the bridge is basically him admitting to and letting go of all the laziness, lies, shortcomings, and complacency that he’s held onto for years.


Where’s the hope? Where’s the love? Has it bid bon voyage?

Oh God, Your promises, were they just mirages?

I’m strugglin’, worryin’, everyday

but then, in a whisper, I hear You say


chorus-I love you more than you can imagine

My plans for you, are better than you can fathom

I am with you, do not fear

please follow the direction I steer


could it be, happiness, is not a guarantee

but rather, happiness, is actually a journey

and the change, I’m looking for, starts with I

instead of just, looking to, looking to the other guy


chorus-I love you more than you can imagine

My plans for you, are better than you can fathom

I am with you, do not fear

please follow the direction I steer


I’m tired of just waiting

for things to get better

I’m tired of just haiting

my fellow sinner

I’m tired of just saying

that I’m alright

I’m tired of delaying

walking in Your light

I’m aware of my misses

but I’m trustin’ Your promises

as I start and end my day

I wanna hear You say



I love you more than you can imagine

My plans for you, are better than you can fathom

I am with you, do not fear

please follow the direction I steer

One minute blogs- keeping your testimony when responding

When a christian questions whether gay marriage is right or wrong, why do some react the way that they do? Do we honestly believe that condemnation is going to change their mind? That sarcasm is going to change their mind? That a nifty “meme” is going to make them realize their “ignorant ways”? Your testimony is not only shown in your beliefs, but how you react when some one questions your beliefs. And you never know what your actions can do. I’ve met many more non-believers who list christians and churches as the reason why they’re not interested in religion, than ones who list God or Jesus as the reason.

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