If you’ve ever wanted to contribute to a kickstarter campaign, this is the one to! A sad reality today is that soo much of the christian music industry has been watered down. People either want a great beat with limited God, or they want music that is sooo cliche and artificially injected with God that it ends up being horrible. And the same goes for the artists. But Jenny Simmons does not fit into either of those categories. From her days with Addison Road to now, she’s always been an artist who believes in craftsmanship, honesty and genuineness, and faith. Through her life, she’s seen and been a part of many instances where God was doing something miraculous, whether it was clear or not, and now she’s putting a book together of those stories. So if you’re looking for another cheesy christian book, or one that vaguely touches on faith, this isn’t for you, but if you’re looking for a great, honest, and faith filled book, here it is!


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