My picks for the best albums and songs of 2014

After a year of music, deliberating over, over 150 albums, and over a thousand songs here’s the best of 2014!

1. Goliath by Steve Taylor and the Perfect Foil
2. Lazaretto by Jack White
3. Rivers in The Wasteland by NEEDTOBREATHE
4. VA by The Last Bison
5. Time Stands Still by Family Force 5
6. Sun and Shield by Peter Furler Band
7. If We’re Honest by Francesca Battistelli
8. Mandatory Fun by Weird Al
9. Neon Steeples by Crowder/ Welcome to the New by MercyMe
10. Ready To Fly by Jamie Grace

1. “Comedian” by Steve Taylor and the Perfect Foil
2. “A Fire Only We Know” by House of Heroes
3. Difference Maker” by NEEDTOBREATHE
4. “Not My Name” by Jenny Simmons/ “Shame” by Peter Furler Shame
5. “The Beautiful Unseen” by Copperlily
6. “Lazaretto” by Jack White
7. “In L.A.” by LA Symphony
8. “Death In His Grave” by Audrey Assad
9. “Governor’s Son” by The Last Bison/ “In Layers” by Steve Taylor and the Perfect Foil
10. “No Man is an Island” by Tenth Avenue North/ “Word Crimes” by Weird Al

I usually do not include ep’s in my list, but this year there were so many quality ep’s that I decided to make a list of em as well.
1. Smoke ep by House of Heroes
2. To Be Well ep by Jenny Simmons
3. Love Is a Legend ep by Copperlily
4. Death Be Not Proud ep by Audrey Assad
5. The Beautiful Unseen ep by Copperlily


My Favorite Albums/Songs of 2013

Albums (New, Full Length albums)

1. Kings and Queens by Audio Adrenaline

2.  You Belong Here by Leagues

3. Need You Now by Plumb

4. Inland by Jars of Clay

5. Melophobia by Cage the Elephant

6. Love Found Me by VOTA

7.  The Becoming by Jenny Simmons

8.  Inheritance by The Last Bison

9 . Wheelhouse by Brad Paisely

10. Restart by Newsboys



1. “Fire Never Sleeps” by Audio Adrenaline/ “You+ Me+ the Radio” by Abandon Kansas

2. “ Hope” Superchick

3. “Youth Group” by Flynn Adam feat Joey the Jerk

4. “Spotlight” by Leagues

5. “Speak Life” Ryan Stevenson

6. ”Marching Around Me” by Abandon Kansas

7. “Come a Little Closer” Cage the Elephant

8. “Four Fires” mewithoutYou

9. “Winning Me Over” Copperlilly

10. “Loneliness and Alcohol” by Jars of Clay/ “Switzerland” the Last Bison

The 10 albums everyone should own

Here it is, the top 10 albums everyone should own! Now a couple of things before you start reading. 1.These are not my opinion of the greatest of all-time, but rather based off of a “If you’re stuck on a deserted island” or “I got an itunes card I want an investment”. 2. If you disagree then comment on what youe list would be. There are thousands of albums not listed on here that would be suitable, so give me your opinion!

1 .Jesus Freak by dc Talk- Christian music would not be half of what it is today without this album. When dc Talk released the album they never could have imagined the impact it’d have. For me the album has a magnificent blend of rap, rock, pop, even legit poetry! It is a must have for any Christian music fan….plus secular fans, you can’t listen to the trio and not be impressed!

2. Brother, Sister by mewithoutYou- named this album the best of the decade and I can’t agree more. mewithoutYou as a whole is an acquired taste however I dare anyone to listen to the songs, look at the lyrics, or look at the band and not fall in love with something about the album. From beginning to end the album is incredible and is without even a single weak spot. Songs such as “Messes of Men” and “In a Sweater Poorly Knit” will leave you never looking at music the same way again.

3. On the Run by Children 18:3- Children 18:3 has always been an awesome band and their whole catalog is awesome, but this album was especially great. It combined everything that people loved about them and rolled it into 12 tracks. For me the album is really special, at a time in life when I had a huge decision to make, I heard “Why are you afraid of the dark?”, it’s a song about how it’s ridiculous it is to follow a God that we truly do not trust.

4. Welcome to Diverse City by tobyMac- No list would not be complete without a tobyMac album. Out of his abulms this one won out because it was the first Christian album I ever owned. It was a time where I believed anything with a beat was of satan but this album quickly showed me how silly that assumption was.

5. Are We There Yet? By John Reuben-Mr Don Reubio, Jack Zappin, this album is where the Professional Rapper stepped out into the world. This cd is one of the greatest of all time, because it’s real. Other than a mewithoutYou album, I can’t think of another album that has so much emotion. From the happiness of “Gather In” and “Him Her, He She” the seriousness of “X-Ray” and “Rest Easy”, the boldness of “Do Not” and “Identify” and the list goes on and on. This is an album that will not disappoint.

6. Say No More by House of Heroes- Everything House of Heroes’ records turns to gold. The guys from Ohio are awesome and each album is incredible. This one though has a special feel. From “Bucket for Bullet Wounds” to “Angels in Top Hats” the honesty is so in your face. The band holds nothing back in their call for wrongs to be made right and once you add in the catchy songs of “Friday Night” and “Make a Face Like You Mean It” then you have a recipe for an incredible audio experience!

7. Smile it’s the End of the World by Hawk Nelson-Before the listening to the album the title always confused me, until I listened to the album and got the meaning of it. The problem with many Hawk Nelson albums is there’s always some filler on them but in my opinion this album has none. It has the qualities of a great album, it’s a combination of fun, seriousness, and even finger snapping! This album isn’t the top album on this list, but once you give it a listen, you’ll understand why everyone should own this album.

8. Underdog by Audio Adrenaline- Audio Adrenaline will always be one of my all time favorite bands, and their Underdog release a pretty big part. It’s hard to choose highlights for this album, after looking at the tracklist it was hard to tell you the songs that were awesome, because they all were. From songs that everyone knows like “Get Down” and “Hands and Feet”,others that are Audio A classics like “Good Life” and “Mighty Good Leader” to the amazing piece of music that is “The Houseplant Song”, the album is incredible.

9. The Black and White Album by The Hives-If there was ever a summertime album it is this one. Two summers ago I listened to this album in it’s entirety on the way to the beach and it fit so well! Each song is like a snowflake, coming from the same place but being different than the one before. Songs like “You Got It All…Wrong”, “Wont Be Long”, and “Bigger Hole to Fill” will make you already happy to have bought the album and once you listen to the rest, well then you’ll be simply ecstatic!

10. Sex, Drugs, and Self Control by John Reuben- My opinion on this album has changed so much on this album. I’ve listened to the album in it’s entirety probably over a hundred times and every time it fit that mood. Whether I was just wanting to jam, whether I was feeling like crap, whether it was 1am and I just wanted to listen to some music. Given it’s chameleon traits this album is perfect to have. It’s not an album that you listen to once and put away forever.